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PostSubject: Fusionnation   Tue Jun 16, 2009 3:36 pm

This a shout out to beaTbox and to the other high ranking people on this site. I believe that you should keep the name of this site (meaning still having Fuse or Fusion in it) otherwise all the teams you already sponsor like mine will have to change the name again and also can get a little annoying waiting for all those admins on gb. So I really wanted to talk to you guys about keeping the name Fuse. It is a very original name and also which is why you should keep it as well as the fact, I spammed so many peoples aims with this link and if you change the name to something without Fuse in it everyone is going to be like what new site is this. And also when you try to spam peoples aims again half of them will already have blocked you diminishing the number of the people on this site. I have also contributed a lot into advertising and beaTbox knows this too. I sent to about 3 hours yesterday and 2 hours today and that all would have been a waste. And also so many kids would blocked you already but if you keep spamming them like with a new name without fuse or fusion the kids are going to be like omg how many sites is this kid going to advertise, but if you just change the name we can spam peoples aims saying like domain change- fusionnation.com, which is a sponsoring website. Then once they see that this site is going with and also sticking together and being a loyal community people will really want to join this site. Making this site blow up. So I request for you guys to keep the name, something with fuse or fusion at least when you are changing the name. And dont get confused im saying to keep this link, i saying to change the domain but something relate able. Thank You Fusion Community.

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PostSubject: Re: Fusionnation   Tue Jun 16, 2009 4:49 pm

very detailed and very good reasons to keep the name
but unfortunatly i think they are not keeping it
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