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 CoNvicTioN sponsorship??

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CoN DeMoLiisH

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PostSubject: CoNvicTioN sponsorship??   Thu Jul 02, 2009 3:30 am

gamertag. CoN DeMoLiisH

Do you have AIM? (Very important as we use this to schedule practices, scrims, and matches) If so what is it? yes- DeMoLisH2128

How old are you? 16

Why are you interestedt? i am interested in fuse b/c i hear all the time how good of a sponsor you guys are and i want to be a part of the good sponsor by getting my team involved and sponsored by fuse

What do you expect from Pure Talent? We expect a great communication between us and fuse and us being able to compete with top teams in the cod4 tournaments. We expect discounts from stuff and credits to join tournaments and pcl and going in with the attitude knowing we can beat any team that steps in front of us. Credits will definatley be a great gift to our team so we can show you what we can do

What separates your team from the rest? we been through ups and downs and most team would have broken up after what we been through but we stayed together and will always be together and we dont trash talked to each other or any team what so ever

Do you have previous clan experience and if so who and how long? we played in pcl2 beating many top team such as pT resistance and lackluster talent and many more

Do you have any previous tournament or event experience? All of us have played in pcl2 and summer bash

Do you have a mic (communication)? What kind? Yes, we all have mics two of us have turtle beach x1's and two has astro's

How often do you play, what days and times? we play every single day from around 5 central till 8 central

Are you registered on GameBattles? If so just provide a team link instead of "Yes". http://gamebattles.com/xbox360/call-of-dut...team/TheRealCoN

Will you be devoted to playing Clan Matches in hopes to making it into the Playoffs? yes we always plan on big things and we will play in playoffs

Will your team be active on the forums? yes every night after our practice
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CoNvicTioN sponsorship??
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